Let Your Easter Dress Impress

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Having trouble deciding on an Easter dress for this weekend? With church services, family lunch and dinners, and maybe even meeting your significant others family, it can be hard to choose the right dress!

When choosing your dress for Easter you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

1. Comfort, you’ll probably be sitting, standing, running, walking, and traveling in this dress. So wear one that you can move around in and feel comfortable.

2. Length, you don’t want something to short and revealing. Remember, you’re impressing family and friends not men at a club. Find something with a modest length so you don’t have to worry about your bum falling out!

3. Neckline, again you’ll probably want something more on the conservative side of things if you’ll be going to church services and family gatherings. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy!

4. Your style, pick something you love and want everyone to notice. Show off your style!

I chose a few dresses to hopefully stir up some inspiration for you all! I know I can’t wait to get back home and spend time with the family! Comment and let me know what your plans are for this Easter weekend!

Till next time y’all,


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